When you own a business, the most obvious things you need to insure are your buildings, plant and stock. But is your business also protected from loss of profits resulting from business interruptions, and all the liabilities faced on a day to day basis?

Covers buildings, plant, equipment and stock (includes milk, irrigation, hay, straw, wool, deer velvet and the like) for accidental and sudden loss or damage.

Contents insurance covers risk from loss or damage to your personal property (articles you own other than land and buildings). Even the smallest home can contain property worth thousands of dollars.

By paying insurance premiums, and satisfying the other requirements of your insurance company, you can protect yourself in the event of loss due to unforeseen and/or catastrophic events.

Owning a car involves several risks. When a car accident occurs, people may be injured and vehicles (or other property) may be damaged. Damage can also occur through theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Motor vehicle insurance can protect you against these risks.

Vision Insurance realised that Bed and Breakfasts fell into a grey area when it comes to insurance. Standard domestic-style policies often fall short of providing adequate cover, yet a full commercial policy may be overly expensive.

With Chubb Travel Insurance you have the option of 3 differing levels of cover, and 4 separate plans depending on where you are travelling. You also have the convenience of choosing an Annual Multi Trip cover if you plan to travel overseas on a more regular basis.



For domestic property EQC cover the first $100,000 for House and $20,000 for Contents damage. Customers can lodge claim with EQC either online or by making a phone call as listed below. They will need to make a separate claim for House and Contents.

Online:    Make an EQC Claim

Phone: 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)

Urgent or ‘emergency’ repairs are work that’s needed to make your home safe, sanitary, secure and weather tight.

After a natural disaster, you should first do all that you can safely do yourself to make your home habitable and protect it from further damage.

Get essential services like toilets and water systems repaired immediately, but you should keep, document or record everything the repairer replaces (and keep a copy of the bill).

Clean up spillages of crockery and glass breakages (but you shouldn’t throw anything non-perishable away yet).

Dispose of perishables like ruined or spilt food. You should list the items as you dispose of them.

If possible, take photos before moving and repairing anything.

Any reimbursement for temporary or urgent repairs is, of course, subject to EQC acceptance of a valid claim.

If accepted, the cost will be deducted from any total amount owed to you under EQC cover.

Important: Don’t start permanent repairs until your EQC claim has been settled.


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