Below is a selection of Frequently Asked Question’s at Vision Insurance.
Should an answer to your question not be here, please contact us.


Will it cost me more to use Vision Insurance as opposed to going to the insurance company direct?

No, it will not cost you anymore than going direct. You will receive comprehensive services, as we do all the research for you based on your needs and requirements to enable you to receive the appropriate policies for you to consider.

Are you members of a professional organisation?

Yes, we are member of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ) and NZbrokers.

What is the advantage of using a Broker?

We have knowledge in all aspects of fire and general insurance and can identify areas which may cause a problem if there was to be a claim at a later date. We will assist you with the claims process and ensure a prompt outcome – as a Broker we work for you, not the insurance company.

Can I pay my insurance in instalments?

Yes – this is facilitated by a premium funding company. There is an additional charge incurred with paying via instalments. Please contact your Broker to discuss this option.

How do I change the bank account number for my instalments?

Please contact our office and request a new Direct Debit authority to be sent to you.


How do I lodge a claim?

A claim form needs to be completed for a claim to be lodged with an Insurer. Please contact your Broker to request a claim form (or download one from the Claims section of this website). Once completed, please return it to your Broker with the relevant quotes, receipts, invoices etc to enable it to be lodged with the Insurer.

Will you help if I need to make a claim?

Yes, as a Broker this is one of the most important things we do. We offer this as a value-add service and the point of difference between using a Broker compared to banks and direct insurers. We will assist in the claim settlement process by advising what you are entitled to under your policy wording.

My vehicle has a stone-chip or crack in the windscreen – how do I make a claim?

Most Insurers have a ‘Preferred Repairer’. Please contact your Broker to check where the repairs should be completed.