Earthquake/Natural Disaster Claims

Earthquake/Natural Disaster Claims

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How to lodge a claim with EQC

For domestic property EQC cover the first $100,000 for House and $20,000 for Contents damage. Customers can lodge claim with EQC either online or by making a phone call as listed below. They will need to make a separate claim for House and Contents.

Online:    Make an EQC Claim
Phone: 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)

Carry out urgent repairs:

  • Urgent or ‘emergency’ repairs are work that’s needed to make your home safe, sanitary, secure and weather tight.
  • After a natural disaster, you should first do all that you can safely do yourself to make your home habitable and protect it from further damage.

You can:

  • Get essential services like toilets and water systems repaired immediately, but you should keep, document or record everything the repairer replaces (and keep a copy of the bill).
  • Clean up spillages of crockery and glass breakages (but you shouldn’t throw anything non-perishable away yet).
  • Dispose of perishables like ruined or spilt food. You should list the items as you dispose of them.
  • If possible, take photos before moving and repairing anything.
  • Any reimbursement for temporary or urgent repairs is, of course, subject to EQC acceptance of a valid claim.
  • If accepted, the cost will be deducted from any total amount owed to you under EQC cover.

Important: Don’t start permanent repairs until your EQC claim has been settled.